Training Rooms in Mumbai
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Training Rooms in Mumbai

At the heart of learning is the need for an ‘optimal space’, training rooms in Mumbai, that lends itself to collaborative and stimulating inquiry-based learning. The Learning Galaxy, training rooms in Mumbai, is crafted to do just that. Every square inch of the state-of-the-art Learning Galaxy is thoughtful, and includes the best learning infrastructure, customizable to the diverse needs of organisations, to provide the ideal learning environment.

Inspired by the ethos that ‘knowledge in itself is enlightening and limitless’, the training rooms at the Learning Galaxy are named after constellations of stars - SOL, ORION, NOVA, VEGA and LYRA.

State-of-the-art training rooms in Mumbai with features available within all the rooms include:

  • 4500 dpi projectors with 10 x 12 ft screens for optimal audio and visual experience
  • Secure, high-speed WiFi access
  • ORION in particular has the additional features of:
    • Two 60 inch LED TVs and centrally placed cameras to enable high-definition video-conferencing with remote participants
    • Centrally controlled lights and devices via a tablet

Training Rooms and Conference Facilities

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, the centre that spans 15,000 sq.ft. and conveys the experience of a world-class business school in a contemporary commercial ambience. Training participants are offered a modern, futuristic learning environment, with access to world-class resources, and high-speed, wireless technology that supports the latest equipment and mechanisms used in learning and development modules.


Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

Sol is the largest and the most striking aspect of the Learning Galaxy, with a capacity of up to 70 participants. All devices, including the lights are centrally controlled at your finger tips via a tablet. Medium to large corporates looking for training rooms for hire in Mumbai should avail this state-of-the art facility.

Learning & development, HR initiatives of corporates requires centrally located training rooms for hire in Mumbai city.


Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

The double U-shaped modular conference table in Orion distinguishes this room. The setup of this room makes it an ideal space for cross locational sessions, enabled through its high definition video-conferencing and projector capabilities in a boardroom style setup. The room can comfortably accommodate up to 40 participants.

Team building activities, multi-city trainings & video conferencing can be effectively conducted through this training rooms on rent in Mumbai, Lower Parel i.e. The Learning Galaxy. The high definition video-conferencing can connect multiple locations of a corporate enabling a single trainer in our facility deliver to wide range of locations pan India & internationally. Hence, choosing our training rooms on rent in Mumbai for conglomerates can be a good option.


Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

Lyra lends itself well to sessions intended to have a more relaxed, less formal ambience & becomes a good choice for meeting rooms in Mumbai for small, mid sized & larger corporates too.. This room is ideal for team-building and ice-breaker sessions and can accommodate up to 35 participants. The ambience, infrastructure helps boost the meeting exercise which may lack at your own offices. The Learning Galaxy provides these meeting rooms in Mumbai for hire with facilities of parking, cafeteria, wi-fi.


Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

If you are looking for quality meeting rooms on rent in Mumbai then Vega is an adaptable and spacious room with a capacity of up to 40 participants. This room can be formatted into any seating style to suit a wide range of training requirements. Team building activities, workshops, other HR initiatives & effective Learning & development at many offices in Mumbai city have a biggest constraint of space & quality ambience. We at the Learning Galaxy provind meeting rooms on rent in Mumbai, Lower Parel.


Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

Office spaces necessarily may not have spacious & conducive environment for meetings in Mumbai city. The Learning Galaxy is a 15,000 sq feet infrastructure providing meeting rooms on rent in Mumbai. One such meeting rooms on rent in Mumbai at the Learning Galaxy is Nova.

Nova can accommodate up to 40 participants and possesses the flexibility to be setup in any seating style for optimum impact during trainings . This room is ideal for large group programmes that involve interactive exercises and learning.

Conference Room

Training Rooms in Mumbai Training Rooms in Mumbai

We know you need your Conference Room venues in Mumbai to impress them participants as much as your Presentation…
The sophisticated conference venues in Mumbai, which accommodates up to 14 people, guarantees to give you that special edge you are looking for. With VC and Wi-Fi capabilities coupled with the array of other facilities provided, the Learning Galaxy's conference room venues in Mumbai your experience will exceed your expectations.

The Common Features

The imposing entrance immediately encapsulates the envisioned learning experience. The sheer expanse of the facility is made evident through the wall-to-wall glass entrance which separates the common area from the Learning Galaxy. The meditative quiet of the premises is complimented by indoor plan ts and tasteful, minimalistic furnishings.

  • Flexible ergonomics:

    Trainers and participants can change seating arrangements for any given session with ease - made possible by modular-style furnishings.

  • Lighting that adapts to versatile moods:

    The tone and tenor of the subjects a session touches upon are magnified by suitable lighting - a trainer may choose natural lighting or any tone of more dramatic LED lighting effects available in each training room.

  • Raised access floors:

    To provide unrivalled flexibility and energy efficiency with modular plug- & play wiring components running all through the flooring, to enable power access to electronic devices in every part of the room.
    To maintain air quality and control inside the facility.
    To improve acoustics and amplify voices and sounds within classrooms.

Technological aspects common to every Training Room:

  • A web-based room scheduling system installed outside each training room enables booking of rooms that also connects trainers and participants to the training spaces. The system works with a variety of scheduling software including Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calen dar®, Lotus Notes® etc.
  • Every room is inclusive of projectors, and accessory components such as DVD players (laptops available on request)
  • Superior built-in as well as mobile sound systems in every room
  • Ultra-modern, cross-platform compatible, cloud-based video-conferencing capabilities with face-to-face video, high definition screen sharing to accom modate distantly located participants in trainings or seminars
  • Wireless presenters compatible across Android/Windows/Apple ope rating systems with excellent wireless range, enabling a trainer to engage with her /his participants while covering the expanse of the training room, rather than being re stricted to the vicinity of the system
  • Microphones (wireless microphones available on request) for exchanges between trainer and audience
  • High-capacity power, offering sufficient power backup, for all ki nds of external devices and appliances
  • Experienced staff of technicians also available to offer support during trainings